Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hey, is "omen" just some pagan corruption of "amen?"
Amen translates "be it so." Could omen perhaps translate to "It may be so?"
Just a thought as I ponder the treatment of End Time stuff in the movies (I don't have to tell you the one I just viewed, do I?)
So, yeah, how about an accurate rendering rather than something loosely based on some guy called "The Beast" who is going to be really, really mean , and how can we stop him?
How about a movie where nearly everybody thinks he's actually pretty swell?
How about using CGI to depict hordes of demons boiling out of the Abyss (assuming a literal interpretation of Revelation, of course)?
Or to depict the "bowls of wrath" being poured out in a series of horrific plagues and natural(?) disasters?
And to picture the bulk of humanity not only acknowledging God's hand in this, but cursing His Name?
What if we picture the Church suffering under terrible persecution, but remaining steadfast (there ARE amillennialists among us, after all)? Think France during the Reformation or England under "Bloody Mary," but many times worse.
Of course, this movie would show the disastrous collapse of a worldwide economic system, which appears to be dedicated to something other than the pursuit of the Kingdom of God.
But best of all, how about the return of King Jesus in clouds of glory, putting all his enemies under his feet and redeeming his creation? The climactic scene would have not only the Beast, but the false church AND Satan and his host of demons cast into hell.
Now that WOULD be a departure from Hollywood's take on the Apocalypse.