Friday, July 22, 2016

How Was Your Day?

...and bring me my big piece of chicken!!!-Chris Rock

Are you easily offended? Then Chris Rock is probably not for you. His routines are laced with profanities and sexual references. And lots of uncomfortable truths.

This morning I was reminded of his "Bring the Pain" HBO special back in the 90's (amazing, isn't it, the things which trigger memories?).

Speaking of relationships (which he always got around to doing), he gave two important pieces of advice to guys. First was the importance of hammering on your kids to "tell your mama!" Moms need to be appreciated and kids as well as dads need to express that appreciation constantly, cause Mom's work is constant and ongoing. So tell her, kids, how much you recognize and appreciate the countless small (and not so small) things that make your life good.

Men, says Chris, don't forget to ask this question: "How was your day?" And then listen to the answer. You may reply briefly at the end ("I tole you dat bitch crazy!" if she works outside the home), but remember that you are not being called on to fix anything (unless you are specifically called on to fix something) but to express genuine empathy and understanding.

If you are easily offended then perhaps you should skip the rest of this.

One of the signs of being easily offended is to take offense when an inquiry is made about the events of your day.

This reaction for example: "Yeah, right, like you really care!"

If you believe this, what are you doing WITH this man?

Guys have days too, Chris pointed out. Like maybe your guy works for a real scheisskopf of a boss at a job he really hates. So you can have lights, gas and water.

Our needs at the end of a long day, he continued, are simpler: to sit quietly and briefly to unwind, and that BIG piece of chicken.

Me? I think God made husbands and wives to be a comfort and joy one another. To share simple pleasures. To laugh at life's craziness or our own foolishness.

As if life's hardest lesson might be to not take oneself too seriously, and to love one another as we have been loved.

And to remember; we are only "unworthy servants," having merely done our duty.

And how was YOUR day?