Thursday, March 22, 2012

John Nash Loses It and Why

Short answer. God's will.

Not like you're thinking, though there is that.

I was  thinking more of string theory. Not that John Nash was involved with that (he wasn't, was he?) But could a person not get lost in the numbers when that's all you see. As the underlying basis of everything, I mean.

Like that episode of The Simpsons where Homer goes 3D. Or Tron.

As I understand it, string theorists suppose that everything in the universe is held together by these tee-iny little wiggly elastic strings. That you can't even see. See Acts 17:28, Job 12:10, etc. for more on that (God's will, in case you don't have your Bible nearby).

John Nash's deal was probability theory (I think). Kinda the same thing in a way. He went crazy. Waddya think the chances of that woulda been, John?

Me? I just prefer faith.

That God will continue to hold things together. That He will continue to hold the future in His hand.

It's what I've been given and life is simpler that way. Right?

Or am I just crazy?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

In a Dry and Thirsty Land, Where no Water Is

I have several Christian friends who hate their jobs.

I can relate.

I have prayed many a prayer to be delivered from what I felt was an
awful situation. Funniest personal prayer: I prayed Psalm 91:3 for a
year to be delivered from working at Tyson's!

It can be and IS oppressive, I know, and not so funny. I think part of this discomfort may be explained by Revelation 18:3. The world system, as typified by Babylon in scripture, is a place of idols . Power, money and control are the things sought after and worshipped.

As David sought the presence of God in a dry and thirsty land, so our souls cry out for deliverance from a place where Mammon is god.

But Brother Lawrence taught me something about God's presence. There, in the kitchen, with the dirty pots and pans, he began to understand that God is everywhere, where there is a believing heart.

Paul showed me that even in the Roman dungeon, there are people who need me. Or rather what God has so graciously given me: the joy of His salvation.

So it seems to me I have been given a job; not just to earn money for my bread (though God did mention that to Adam). But to shine the light  I have been given in a place where the idols of Babylon are worshipped.

In the meantime, I look forward to the time when I shall hear, when WE shall hear, the words: "Come out of her, my people...."