Thursday, October 22, 2009

Who Do You Think I Am?

Something that came up during our study of Church History last night: we were looking at the second century Arrian controversy. Arrius denied the divinity of Christ. This heresy very nearly became the prevailing doctrine of the Church.

The commentator (we use a dvd), John Gerstner, made the statement that "most Christians" today don't believe that Jesus is God.

I was floored. I'm sure that some professing Christians have hazy notions about the deity of Christ, but "most?"

First, this seems an impossible statement. Gerstner gave no basis for it and though I know there are lots of liberals in the church, this seems to me to be a core belief.

Which brings me to my second point, which is more in the form of a question: Can a person truly be a Christian without believing that Jesus is divine?

It troubles me that Christianity may have come to this. The Southern Baptists fought a long bitter struggle to regain control of the teaching in their seminaries. I left a denomination because it had strayed from these essential truths.

If Jesus is not divine, do we even have a religion? What do you think?

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