Thursday, September 13, 2012

Accidentally Like a Martyr

I've never been able to understand what Warren Zevon was aiming for with those words.

But the chorus tears at anyone who has ever participated in the break-up of a marriage: "We made mad love, shadow love, random love, and abandoned love; accidentally like a martyr. The hurt gets worse and the heart gets harder."

I suppose this morbid train of thought was set in motion as I re-read an apologia for the demise of my first marriage.

The people for whom it was written have never seen it. The time wasn't right. We couldn't co-ordinate our schedules. I couldn't find the words to properly express my sorrow. Okay, so I'm just a coward. Right?

Mario Puzo asked "How did things ever go so far?"

Mostly because nobody was paying attention. Isn't that how the huge majority of life's messes "go so far?"

I know that. So do you. Accidents happen. So why do we keep doing the things that seem right in our own eyes?

Prayer: God, please help me pay attention.

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