Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Do Your Best

I had better start by saying how grateful I am for the two women in my life; my wife and daughter.

It is a failing of mine to not take as seriously as they do, matters which are of great interest to them. Not things of earth-shaking significance, mind you, but important to them nonetheless.

My only excuse might be that I am absorbed sometimes in my own musings upon matters of insignificance.

There are also times when the topics of conversation concern subjects over which, however relevant they might be, I have no control. It may be a core difference between the male and female races that, beyond a basic review of the facts of the case, I find no interest in the further beating (as it were) of the dead horse at hand.

I have a stock answer for all such occasions. It is this, "Do your best."

Of course, the women in my life hate to hear these words. Firstly, because, "Do your best," is sound advice in all situations. And we all know, if the ladies would but admit it, that sometimes (most times?), all they desire is not sound advice but an ear into which to voice their complaints/concerns/opinions.

I think that in the case of my two young lovelies, the reason they hate, "Do your best," the most is because it is a conversation stopper.

What reply could you give to "Do your best?"

"I most certainly will not do my best," hardly seems appropriate.

"Yes, but..." followed by anything you would care to insert would simply be unreasonable since what argument could you possibly present against doing your best?

Actually there are two replies one could give to, "Do your best."

They are, "I will," or "Thank you."

Your choice.

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