Friday, October 9, 2015

Miles Upon This Road

Too many smoky nights
All those regretted mornings
Leave me
Thinking of you
Wondering where you are
Hoping you're still out there
on that same old star.  -Sandy Tolar

If someone handed you lyrics that spoke to your heart, as these do to mine, how could you not frame a melody around it?

Music can take us to places in the heart where we could not or would not go unaided.

Hidden places, places we weren't aware existed.

Walled-up closed-off places I would never go to again, unless music carried me there.

And words which reach up off the page and pierce so deeply, when set to the proper melody, bring us to the rarest of all places: where joy, grief and amazement combine into an unutterable emotion.

It can happen in church, when we sing "It is Well With My Soul." Or when I hear Roy Orbison sing "Crying."

Or when I play this freshly composed song.

This music.

This gift from God.

My creator has made music.

I will imitate my Creator.

And I wonder if this unutterable emotion will be that which I feel (only magnified many times over) when I shall behold the face of my Savior and the mountains and the hills break forth into singing?

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