Friday, April 22, 2016

I Shall Not Want

The LORD is my shepherd....-Psalm 23:1a

Half empty or half full?

It's a daily temptation, is it not?

Yes, you say, but think of the blessings; salvation in the here and now, the promise of an eternal dwelling place....


But you know where I most often find comfort and deliverance from temptation?

It is in the countless small things.

Springtime's warm sun and light breeze.

Laughter and relaxation in the company of beloved Christian friends.

Work, believe it or not. Satisfaction in a job well done. The opportunity to witness (oh so subtly, at times). Interacting with image-bearers of God, however flawed we may be.

I have heard it said that God is in the details. I believe it.

To see His hand moving in my life and the lives of others, how could I complain of lack?

Goodness and mercy, the psalmist calls it.

Amen and thank you, Lord.

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