Thursday, January 13, 2011

Who are you?

No, who are you, really? What standards do you apply to yourself?
We all have our worldview, right? And that viewpoint shapes who we are,
doesn't it?

Maybe the real question is: are you who you think you are, whom you claim
to be, who you aspire to be?

Some ancient Greek or other (maybe Socrates) said "Know thyself." The Chinese
general Sun Tzu said "Know your enemy."

Put in a Christian context, these may be speaking of the same person. Certainly, we
must be aware of our weakness (es) and though Paul refers to Satan as "the enemy,"
that shoe fits me, sometimes, as well.

So then, I ask myself: who are you? And if I'm honest... well.

Talk about your "fear and trembling."

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