Friday, April 15, 2011

Hanging Ten on the Rim of Hell

Are you praying?

When we talk about our prayer life, everyone I know says, "I don't pray enough."

My prayers often lack fervency, are perfunctory, are shallow, and seemingly clang to the ground after bouncing off the ceiling.

In my Reformation Study Bible (p. 1432), the note on "Hell" says, "Those who are in hell will know, not only that for their doings they deserve it, but that in their hearts they chose it."

I know people for whom I fear the fires of hell. Not that I am better than they are.

Oh no.

In many cases they are better people, better parents, better neighbors; to my shame.

Good people. But there is no apparent desire for the things of God: no desire to worship him, no hunger for His Word, no compulsion to cry out to Him: "Abba, Father."

And I read statements like the one quoted above, or Jonathan Edward's Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

The imagery of someone suspended above the gaping maw of hell on a rotten plank or by the thinnest strand of a spider's web is one of horror.

Someone I know is skating blithely around the very rim of eternal destruction with no thought to what looms beneath them.

Are you praying?

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