Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Turn the Page

Going through a dry spell here lately. Drier than Ezekiel's dry bones.
What causes that, you suppose? That distance from God. Easy to say, "Well, unconfessed sin." Or simply, "The Devil."

Yeah. I know that. But it's more than that, maybe. Like this spiritual lethargy; the lack of energy.

I'm reminded of the Bob Seger song with the line that goes:  "And you don't feel much like ridin', you just wish the trip was through." Then it goes to that ominous sounding E minor.

Wow, that's it. I'm living in a minor chord.

We all know that the major chords are the bright perky happy-sounding stuff. Think Mozart. You know; God's laughter.

Whew. Gotta think happy thoughts. Gotta count my blessings (so simple, it's dumb, right?). Gotta get on my knees and confess that sin (I know that) or better yet ask God to reveal that sin so then I can confess and repent.

Gotta turn the page.

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  1. "...that's it. I'm living in a minor chord."

    I love this.