Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Woman Needs Man and a Man Must Have His Mate.

That, no one can deny.

People plan vacations.
People plan birthday parties.
People plan weddings.
People even plan cookouts in their back yard.

So how come nobody I know has ever planned a relationship?
They just happen, right?

I'm talking male-female here. The old fatal attraction, you know? So how do these things get started? What is the attraction, really?

What I mean is: What makes you so sure you are in (dare I say it?) love? You hardly know the person.

Could it be (more times than I care to admit) that it's because she was attracted to me? How on earth could I resist someone with such impeccable taste?

Honestly, it seems like such a big ole crap shoot. There's this huge divide between male and female outlooks and it's going to take nothing less than a miracle for us to stand one another after the novelty of the situation wears off.

Gotta be some kind of higher power at work here.


(more to come?)

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