Friday, June 24, 2011

Revenge, Grace and the Pharisee

A friend recently mentioned an incident that occurred in one of his college classes: he was stating his views against abortion when one of his classmates expressed strong opposition to his viewpoint in an insulting and condescending manner.

My response was to ask if he had prayed; for her and for himself.

Having struggled with a bad temper and a quick lip for many years, I have attempted (with varying degrees of success) to follow this formula: pray for the offender (for God's grace and forgiveness), then pray for myself.

If I am honest, I find myself constantly in need of forgiveness.

You see, I have tended to speak quickly and without regard to any possible offensiveness in my conversation (a shock, no doubt to those of you who know me).

I've noticed this: there's a Pharisee inside, waiting to come out and be arrogant and condemning. I hate him and I'm trying to kill him.

Pray for the guy with the Pharisee.

Pray for God's grace.

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