Monday, June 27, 2011

Who's the Boss?

My eldest daughter pointed out, some time back, that out of least one of my broken relationships, something good resulted. Three somethings I replied, referring to her and her sisters.

As I considered that, it seemed that I was still wide of the mark; out of my sin and selfishness, God brought something good.

A clan has grown from the relationships of these three sisters. A clan in the good sense of the word. These three ladies have come together with their families to form an extended network of mutual love and support.

That's something.

Which brings us right back to God. And Romans 8: 28-29.

So I fumble and stumble through this life. I used to want to handle life by myself ("My Life"). I've learned (which is Something, for me) the fallacy of that notion.

So to my oldest three: I thank God for you and the women you've become. I failed but He did not. He never will. Lean on Him.

To my youngest: I thank God for you. Try to understand that He has has much better things in store than anything we could ask or imagine.

And He's still in charge.

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