Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mother's Day

Has it really been three years since she passed away? Seems as if so much has happened, doesn't it?

This is not about that, though. This is for the living. This is for Deb, and Rod and me and also for all our babies and their babies and so on through the generations. The extended Tolar clan, I guess you might say.

Have you often longed, these past few years, to enjoy her company again? To sit in conversation in her living room or at her table? You may have imagined what that conversation would be like and the things you both would say.

Imagine this. I know (for she told me many times, especially when I was still an infidel) that she lifted me up in prayer. Daily. It is not hard to realize (as if you didn't already) that she did the same for you. Each of you. Or to understand that she prayed for God to preserve you. Body and soul.

So I imagine that if you could talk to her, she might ask, "Do you know Jesus?" "Are you serving Him with all your heart, soul and mind?"

Today is our Mother's day. Will we honor the day (and her) by honoring the God she loved and served?

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