Monday, January 2, 2012

Take It Down? No, Not Yet

I remember one year we left the Christmas tree up till the middle of March!

I think that, after Christmas Eve communion at GPC, putting up the tree is my favorite part of the holiday experience. And I think this year's tree is my favorite yet.

Same tree, but we have loaded every bit of decoration we own onto its limbs. We put it up a mere week before Christmas this year, so all the more excuse not to hurry about putting it away.

Actually, I have a theory (as usual) about why some folks will keep their Christmas tree up way into January. Think about it. For two whole solid months now, we are faced with mostly dreary and typically miserable cold, messy, windy days. The warmth and bright sunshine of spring seem eons away. Truly did Shakespeare refer to "the winter of our discontent."

Now, I understand that we are to be thankful in all things. But, yall, I really struggle with that in the dead of winter, when my very bones seem to ache with the cold!!

How great it is, then, to step into the living room from outside and behold this big old overdecorated Christmas tree twinkling merrily away. Or to stumble up the hallway early in the morning to find it glowing in the darkened room. It's almost like thinking about the promise of heaven as we make our way through this often dark and dreary world.

So I may leave the tree up a while longer this year.

Who knows, you may come to visit me in March and find a tree full of all different-colored lights, red and silver garlands, and other assorted goodies taking up one wall of our house.

And the paper-plate angel on the very tip-top.

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