Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It is Enough

Been thinking about the children of Israel. I owe them an apology.

It's a biblical fact that their faith faltered as God led them through the wilderness. And I used to look down my nose at them and think, "How could they be so stupid?!"

But I think I found out how. They received just exactly enough manna for each day, In fact they were told not to gather up more than a day's supply or it would rot.

Kinda reminds you of what Jesus said about piling up treasure here on earth, huh?

So I think that each day as they used the last of the manna for the evening meal, they looked at the empty container and began to worry. Or even panic. "Oh no! It's all gone. What if God doesn't send any tomorrow? What will we eat? We'll starve!!!"

See, each and every creature on the face of God's earth is dependent on God for their daily bread (just like in the prayer, right? Or did you think Jesus would teach us to mouth empty platitudes?)

Of course, when I was working, I relied on that paycheck every week. This is sad for a Christian to have to admit: I sometimes forgot that my Heavenly Father was the One doing the providing.

So back to "enough."

That is what we get. But the children of Israel complained because they didn't have an abundance each and every day. Enough was not enough.

But I would never do that, right?


Maybe it's just me.

Or not.

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  1. Or like Elijah, by the brook Cherith - I don't think that Elijah necessarily enjoyed the bread and the meat the ravens brought him each day or that he grew fat on this providential food; and the brook was so piddling that it eventually dried up. But they were God's provision - and that was enough. God gives enough - but so often, I want more. Oh, to learn to have enough - and then be thankful. What a struggle it is sometimes to rest in God's provision! How difficult to live daily with a consciousness of God's good providence!