Wednesday, August 29, 2012

No Chihuahuas in Heaven

It occured to me as I watched Wolfie walking across the back yard: now that's what a real dog looks like!

I know, I know. You love your little rat/dog crossbreed with its bug-eyes, its squeaky voice and its complete inability to shut up even for half a second.

But let's face it. Jesus has said he will make all things new. That means everything will be restored to its Original perfect state. VERY GOOD, in other words.

So not only will you and I be our young, handsome and/or beautiful selves; but everything will be restored to perfection.
So obviously no yapping crossbreeds need apply. Actually good news for Wolfie who will be restored to his 100% Huskie self. Or maybe the 100% wolf. I don't know.

Also, while we're on the subject, of course there will be CHOCOLATE in heaven! The tree of life on each side of the river will yield twelve crops of fruit, one for each month. For the healing of the nations. If there's anything more healing than CHOCOLATE, I don't know what it is!

Which brings us to the logical question of who will process the cacao beans into actual CHOCOLATE. Hershey is out. If companies could go to hell, well they've moved their factory to Mexico. Need I say more?

So I don't know. Some Swiss company, I'd guess. Probably the guys who made the special CHOCOLATE for John Calvin's 500th birthday back in '09.

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