Tuesday, March 26, 2013

April Come She Will

A love once new has now grown cold.- Paul Simon

It snowed yesterday evening. We sat at the kitchen table, eating and staring out the window in wonder.

It hailed Saturday evening. Even in NW TN, where the weather is oftentimes weird, this month of March has been a strange one, weatherwise.

Was the beautiful sunshine and warmth we experienced a few weekends ago just a dream? We walked around outside in our shirtsleeves and announced to one another, "Spring is finally here."

Or not. Apparently God is still in control of the weather. That winter should extend all the way through the end of March suits some purpose of His. We accept this. It's just that sometimes we forget.

There are things I desire more than the warmth and beauty of spring. I pray earnestly to see them accomplished. They seem so tantalizingly near, yet my Heavenly Father withholds them.

Why, O Lord?

I am tempted to doubt, but how can I in the midst of constant goodness and mercy? I recall these words, "Your ways are not my ways, neither are your thoughts my thoughts."

"How can these things be?" Mary wondered. Like her, I must bow to God's wisdom and pray that I do not sin in pondering the mysterious ways in which He works.

 Jesus spoke of love grown cold.

I should dread this cold love more than hope deferred or the icy teeth of this continuing winter.

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