Friday, May 23, 2014

All Apologies

It's American to make fun of those less fortunate than you. -Tolar's First Law of Making Fun

It is not Christian to make fun of those less fortunate than you. -Corollary to Tolar's First Law of Making Fun

Well I'm feeling really guilty right now. Yesterday, I made fun of someone's name. I realize that can be hurtful.

The fact that God went to the trouble of mentioning this young lady in the midst of a long list of males lets me know that she was special to someone. In fact, I'm sure her mom and dad both loved her a lot and that her name was chosen with care and had a great deal of significance to them.

If she wanted to, she could say, "Oh yeah? Well you don't even HAVE a name. All you have is stupid initials!"

But you know what? She would never say anything like that. I know because the fact that God remembered her name means she was probably a Christian. And I'm sure she took that very seriously.

So, Hazalelponi, I want to apologize to you.

And the lil pony you rode in on.

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