Saturday, May 3, 2014

All I Need is a Miracle?

In hell, the rich man cried across the great gulf for Abraham to send Lazarus back from the dead to witness to his unbelieving brothers of their certain doom.

"They have Moses and the prophets," he was reminded.

We live in a time when not only the unconverted world, but much of the Church, refuses to receive the teaching of Christ and the apostles concerning God's sovereign action in saving sinners. We can and must decide for ourselves they say. 

Reading the Old Testament account of Elijah and the prophets of Baal, I think: "We need a miracle like that."

But I am brought up short by the words of Abraham: "They have Moses and the prophets."

The miracle of God's creating everything out of nothing, of choosing and preserving a people for Himself, of entering the world in human flesh to dwell in perfection among us, of dying and rising from the dead and ascending into heaven, of preserving His Ancient and Holy Word, of calling out His Church and protecting and keeping it through the centuries: are these things not enough?

There will be no miracles for those who refuse the gospel of God's sovereign grace. Every Sunday the pastor reads from the Word and pronounces, "Those who have ears to hear...," and we respond, "Let them hear."

We have the complete counsel of the inspired and inerrant Word of the Living God.

It is enough.

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