Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Forever In Your Debt

For all I've learned and memories kept, may I be forever in your debt.-Sandy Tolar

Time heals all wounds they say.

But faith, more than time, is the great healer. Faith in the One who makes (will make) all things new carries the promise of restoration.

And joy.

It can be a hard thing for us as Christians to accept the concept of death in a world over which our Heavenly Father reigns. The pain of loss and separation are overwhelming, and I have often wondered how those who have no faith can cope with the pain.

Memories, it seems, are God's benevolent gift to all humanity. If one of the ways we deal with pain (emotional, physical or otherwise) is to externalize it, memories during a time of grief are indeed a precious balm.

I have shared how, on the night of Ms. Joycie's passing, four of us sat in the living room, going through pictures and selecting songs for the slide show at the viewing. Is it possible to express grief through laughter?

I certainly think so.

Even long after the fact, the memories sustain us through the ache of longing.

And as we acknowledge the debt of a love, which has been expressed to us, how much more precious is the faith in a glorious and joyous reunion? 

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