Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's Love Got to Do With It?

So one of my Facebook peeps is doing the PDA with the love of his life (so far) there
on the World Wide Web and I'm thinking: "Ah yeah, I remember that. That was so me way back when." But I'm also thinking at the same time (which proves that I CAN think about two things at once, tho maybe not coherently): "Wow, love was easy back then, what happened? Whatever became of that (those) girl(s) I thought I would love forever?"

Being wrong about being in love with someone may be the least fun thing(s) (so I was in love with being in love, ya know?) I ever did, so this might be important stuff to know. The upside (for me, if not for you) is that, at my age, I'm not likely to have this happen anymore. I defininitely AM NOT making any plans in that direction.

To get back to the original question, maybe LIFE gets in the way of love. When you each are living at mom and dad's house, little things like THE RENT, and THE CAR NOTE, and (worst of all!!!) THE JOB don't figure into the equation. Matter of fact, as I recall (which isn't total, by the way) if you don't let your eyes stray, love under these circumstances is child's play.

HMMM. I may have something there.

What I'm saying (in the most roundabout way possible) is that love is an awful lot of WORK. It's a lot of responsibilty. This whole other person is counting on you. Wow!

I don't know, is it really worth it? You'll have to answer that one for yourself, all I'm saying is: It's worth at least some thought. Right?

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