Friday, September 24, 2010

What's Lust Got to Do With It?

Well, quite a bit, actually. That's especially true, I think for all the first-born among us. So, yeah, some of you might not be reading this, if lust had nothing to do with it.

Gross, huh?

But, hey that's how the world got populated and families get started, cause like the
song says: "A guy's only doin' it for some doll." And vice-versa, ladies.

The down side? Well we seem most susceptible when we're just starting out and least able to handle it well. Like an underage driver in a really fast car, lust can leave you
upside-down in a ditch somewhere with the flames getting dangerously close to the gas tank.

Doesn't mean it can't get out from under you as you get older. You just pray to have enough sense to keep it at home.

The whole point is this: if you're blessed to be able to lust after your sweetie after all these years, you are truly blessed.

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