Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Field of Blood

I really love the title of this book. Are the place names in the Bible cool or not?

So I'm back on this book again and I'm really having fun. I've been busy with a series of articles. You seem to never be able to do enough research for this stuff ( the book OR the articles).

About the articles; I was held up on the last one, wanting to make a practical application from 419 A.D. to our present time. What do these ancient heresies have to do with today, right? So I was digging through the confessions of several denominations and feeling kinda guilty cause  I was fixin' to dis these folks in a newspaper article.

Lo and behold, Deon has one of the most outlandish experiences you could imagine (well maybe you could; I could hardly believe it). It was a picture-perfect illustration of how we can stray from the truth.

Yeh, I said WE. There's a real temptation to feel superior here. I'm fighting it. I'm thinking that felling superior to your fellow Christians is just as big a sin as thinking you've acheived a sinless state. Quite a bit of arrogance there, however you slice it.

So the book. Right now, I'm about to marry off Eleazar's sister. He's my hero: one of the Three, the mightiest of David's Mighty Men. His friend Shammah has asked for  her hand. At this point I'm inclined to have the Philistines kill her before the wedding.

There are just too many issues that arise from having the protagonist related by marriage to one of his comrades-in-arms.

Don't you think?

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