Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Good Day

I am thankful (most days) that God has given me an inability to sit in the house all day. No matter how cold. No matter how hot. Which we are beginning to experience this past week or so.

So I walk. And this morning when I stepped outside, I was surprised by a refreshing northerly breeze. Nice. Thank you, Lord.

Walking lends itself to meditation. And prayer. About once a week or so, I pray through the Lord's Prayer, phrase by phrase. We pray it every Sunday morning and it would be easy for me to fall into a rote recitation.

One of the best studies we have done here at GPC has involved an exhaustive look at the Model Prayer and its components.

Here's something I noticed for the first time today. You might have already gained a fresh understanding of the phrase, "Our Father,"

It was like a flash of light for me to realize this: when you are little, your earthly dad is indeed the most godlike creature you are aware of. He's huge, right? Compared to say a five year old. And that big booming voice can be scary.

But here's the thing. In the eyes of a five year old, that dad has absolute power and control over that little life. Wow.

This is how we're supposed to view God, but speaking for myself, hardly ever do. It's true, of course, that this is precisely our position before a God who made and controls everything.

It's just that there isn't that fear of the Lord that the Bible speaks of as being the beginning of wisdom. Not all the time. Not in my heart at any rate.

Thank you, Jesus, for teaching us how we ought to pray.

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