Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Suffer the Little Children

You shall teach them to your children,.... -Deuteronomy 11:19

I have long admired those who spend hours a day in classrooms with children, whose minds seem to be everywhere all at once, but rarely on the subject at hand. This can be the occasion for both frustration and hilarity. It calls for the application of all nine of the fruit of the Spirit. And a blend of coercion and personal charm?

I have been given the rare privilege and duty of teaching the catechism to three young people, ages 7-9.

I read somewhere that, at this age, the child's mind does not grasp the concept of morality for the sake of morality, but only the notion of consequences suffered for laws transgressed.

Is this sort of like our progress as Christians?

At any rate, we teach our children to love God, and out of love to obey His commandments. I have no doubt that loving instruction given me by my parents and others in the family of God have had great impact on my life as a Christian.

But only God can give us a heart to love Himself. This is a precious truth. Especially for one like myself who failed in his duty to teach his own children. I apologize, Kim, Nik, Kris and Sandy.

But God works through and around our failures. He overrules my sin. He accomplishes His purposes in the hearts and lives of those whom He has called.

This is not to excuse failure and sin. But to renew and strengthen dedication and determination.

Once again, I have been given a rare privilege and duty.

O LORD, fail me not, that I fail not.


  1. "But God works through and around our failures. He overrules my sin." :) So glad that, as a fallen and sinful parent, I can trust in the sovereignty of God, especially where my children are concerned!

  2. Loved the photo of your family! A reminder of the truth of your comment.