Thursday, September 12, 2013

All That I Know is I Am On My Way

When will I get there, I don't know
When am I going, I ain't certain
What will I get, I ain't equipped to say

Bound for glory and the life eternal.

That's the promise. The peg on which I hang my hat and my immortal soul. The concept is mind-boggling. The to-be-fulfilled reality is beyond my ability to imagine.

What will God look like? Not a clue.
Will I be able to fly in my resurrected, glorified body? I have no idea.
What will we do forever and ever and ever?

The Bible gives passing glimpses of these wonders, probably as much as my finite mind is able to process.

Glorification. Have you thought about it? Not just our disembodied souls, but our flesh made new and perfect. Along with creation.

How much more astounding that Paul speaks of it in the past tense (Romans 8:30). As a thing already accomplished! In God's eye I am already fully restored.

Oh yes, in the words of Robert Frost, there are miles to go before I sleep, Only God knows how many.

But He's saving me a place.

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