Friday, November 8, 2013

Walking In Prayer

My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.-Psalm 5:3

We call them Reformation Conferences. I don't know why unless it is because we hold them near the anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation (October 31, 1517) every year.

This year's topic was "Revival." But it was really about prayer.

How I wish you could have been there (if you weren't). Been there to hear a thirty-something Scottish pastor (who now ministers in the US) so eloquently call his listeners to examine their lives of prayer and re-dedicate themselves to pray for a reawakening of Christ's Church.

I have been in the habit, for some time now, of praying as I "do" my morning walk. The setting for these walks, Graham Park, is such a scene of beauty and tranquility, that it seems naturally a place of prayer.

The Bible instructs us to pray "in our closets," which I suppose means we are to seek out some private place to be alone with God. The quietness of the living room before sunrise is such a place. A place to read and meditate on God's Word and be drawn into prayer.

Perhaps it is a mark of the weakness of my faith that I desire visual aids; reminders you might say of God's creative power and splendor. How He can make places of peace and beauty in the midst of human busy-ness.

Most of all, I guess, I am reminded of the Garden of Eden, where our first parents walked and talked with their God.

It will be that way again one day, you know.

Til then, I hope you have a place like this, where God blesses you and reminds you of Himself.


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