Monday, June 15, 2015


I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine. -Song of Songs 6:3a

Beloved of God.

And God has absolute power over all that is; down to the most insignificant molecule somewhere on the edge of the universe.

I can't express to you what perfect comfort there is in knowing and embracing that fact. Unless you already know it and affirm it yourself.

Romans 8:28-29 comes alive in the heart that clings to this all- powerful God who sees to the blessedness of His adopted children.

The necessary and inevitable "Why" becomes a searching for the blessing, for the guidance, for a sense of the purpose, behind even the most tragic of life's events.

Strangely (even comically), this meditation was brought about because I lost a ring.

Several years ago, for Christmas, I bought Ms. Joycie "one for the thumb;" a ring for the hand that had fingersful of rings.  A simple gold band, with the inscription running around the outside from Solomon's Song, chapter 6, verse 3.

After the funeral, I began to wear it on my right pinkie finger. I noticed it was a bit loose at times but thought nothing of it. Sometime over the weekend I found it missing from my finger.

A sad thing. But a silly thing, you might say, to think that God has anything to do with the loss of something so small and (in the overall scheme of things) inconsequential.

Then I invite you to consider this God who has made all things and, of course, rules over them. Even rings worn on the pinky of my right hand.

I will admit, in light of recent events, that the loss of this object is indeed a fairly minor concern.

Isn't it amazing how, having embraced this huge God, we seek comfort in the small things he has ordained?

Perhaps I have needed a reminder that though she is certainly my beloved, she is also Christ's beloved. Even more so, now that she stands in His presence with the saints, amidst the company of angels.

Perhaps it is another reminder not to cling too tightly to the things of this world; that there is so much better to come.

Or perhaps that I should write this and that you should read it and receive comfort in whatever trial you are experiencing.

May it be so.

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