Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hell is Coming

There's things goin' on that you don't know. -Lynyrd Skynyrd

I normally use this blog to share musings and convictions on matters of life and faith.

I do not wish to be a political pundit.

Faith and life (and the two are inseparable, whether you are Christian or not), however must include those things which are going on around us.

We have the relatively recent example of the Protestant church in Germany before us.

With the 40 year-long holocaust of abortion proceeding in its destruction of life, the rising tide washing away biblical definitions of marriage (you know them, or need I post those as well?) and the proliferation of hate laws around us, we are faced with the same choice which faced German Christians in the '30s: do we stand for biblical truth or do we bow the knee to Baal?

I have been amused and saddened by the firestorm of controversy directed toward the Confederate battle flag. "Historians" on both sides have weighed in with their (not "there," btw) opinions.

Military geniuses of all eras have put forth the strategy of indirection: make a threatening noise over here to distract the enemy while preparing for an all-out assault at a different point.

"What?" you say.

Simply this, the rebel flag brouhaha is simply a distraction while something more devious is going on.

Yes, I stand by every American's right to own and display the flag of his or her choice. Be that a Mexican flag, Cuban flag, rainbow flag, or even, for proud immigrants from the Great White North, the Canadian Maple Leaf flag.

Hmmm, did I leave one out?

You all remember this one. Note that the section on political views contains the phrase, "xenophobic worldview."

Do you think we could substitute the word "racist" for "islamophobe" and come up with two similar scenarios? Is the root cause for these tragedies something other than racial or religious or cultural prejudice? Or Confederate flags?

True story: Ein and I are driving down Reelfoot Avenue the other day. In front of us is an SUV speeding up, slowing down and otherwise behaving in a somewhat erratic manner. We pass, and we both look over to see who's driving.

OMG!! It's a woman talking on a cell phone!

Well, you know how we feel about that. It's dangerous and illegal, yes, but our ire is directed toward the driver herself (who perhaps was acting thoughtlessly or ignorantly), and aggravated by the fact that she had a fat, fleshy pale arm resting against the driver's door window.

Please don't judge me. Just pray for me. I really do want to love my neighbor as myself. But I still need God's strength to overcome the temptation to hate (?) the "other."

The point of this extended rant?

Maybe it is that I speak most particularly to my brothers and sisters in Christ. Be tolerant, but stand for the right. Those are two separate things (Luke 6:37; Matthew 12:33). It is important that we use biblical discernment to distinguish between right and wrong.

It is important, as well, that we speak the truth out of love and concern. Souls depend on it.

The main point is that we must be aware of the times we live in; to not be distracted, but to be prayerfully concerned about the issue at hand: the coming of the gates of hell against the kingdom of Christ.

Victory is assured.

And whatever price we must pay will be well worth it.

The consequences are eternal.

...what sort of people ought you to be in lives of holiness and godliness, waiting for and hastening the coming of the day of God...! -2 Peter 3:11b-12a

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