Friday, June 19, 2015

The Bestest Dad Ever

You may have heard me say that I was scared of my daddy until I was nearly 30.

Not much, in looking at him, that would inspire fear. His friends knew him as a genial man, full of good humor and always ready to extend the hospitality of his home.

Even those who worked for him considered him their friend more than their boss. They acceded to his requests with the same good will with which he made them.

I would even say that we kids were spoiled. He certainly demanded (and received) our utmost respect. But even in that, he spoke to us with love and gentleness, even in the midst of correction.

Looking back, I can see how, many times, I must have grieved him. I can well recall the expression upon his face on several occasions.

Without wishing to seem blasphemous, I guess I can say that there was a moral certitude about him, an authority if you will, that we would otherwise attribute to God.

Please do not mistake me. I simply believe that to a child, a loving Christian dad models that love that God has for those He has redeemed and adopted as our heavenly father.

It's a tough job, I now realize, to command that respect, while at the same time expressing that loving tenderness that we guys are seemingly so ill-equipped to express.

At any rate, I think I came to fear his disapproval more than anything, and even that was gradually replaced by a love (which was always there right?) and respect for this man who dedicated his life, in large part, to me, my brother, and two sisters.

That dedication was especially brought home to me in his devotion to my sister who was dying of MS. In her bi-polar affliction, she was many times less appreciative than she might have been.

Yet he bore it all with a patience and paternal love which amazed me at the time and has been driven home even more deeply over the years by my own experience and failure.

So to finally arrive at the point, if you have been blessed with a godly father who gave his best for you, won't you join me in praising God.

For the "bestest dad ever."

I love you, man.

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