Thursday, October 31, 2013

496 Years is a Really Long Time

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light.... -Isaiah 9:2a

The greatest thing about studying history is the sense of awe I get as I detect the hand of God directing the affairs of men.

October 31, 1517. Reformation Day. Through the actions of one German monk, God began the work of reclaiming His Church from the darkness of superstition and ignorance.

How many Bibles do you have in your house? Before Reformation Day, the Church taught that ordinary people should not have access to the Word of God.

How many times a day do you run to God in prayer? Before Reformation Day, it was taught that believers have access to God only through a priest.

Do you sit in worship every Sunday morning to hear God's word taught in a clear and understandable manner? Before Reformation Day, all services were conducted in Latin (which very few understood, including some of the priests who recited the rituals).

To see God's hand in all this is to recognize all the seemingly insignificant events that led up to this one moment in time when Martin Luther nailed his protest to the door of Wittenberg chapel.

Sadly, the significance of the Reformation has been lost to many Christians today. I was speaking with one person about Martin Luther and his work and teaching. It gradually dawned on me that he thought I was speaking of Martin Luther King!

Many do not know that what is taught in their churches is the product of the minds of men, invented within the last two hundred years.

Do you think that history is but a dry recitation of names and dates? Do you know that God has written every page of history before any of it ever happened (Isaiah 46:10)? History truly is His story.

I invite you to enjoy the fascinating story of Christ's Church. Of the men and women who died trying to preserve her Truth. Of her survival against all odds.

I think you will come to praise God for His work in history.

I think you will long to see His moving again among the sons of men.

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